It turns out I’m not very talented at a lot of things. However, there’s one thing I’m fairly confident in- my ability to churn out halfway decent, cartoon-like drawing on whatever subject my mind’s eye can envision. Am I among the greatest? The answer to that one is subjective, and I would never make that claim. I am a starving artist, so if you need an illustration of this nature for a project, children’s book, business presentation, advertisement, or if you just happen to want a personal picture to hang in the living room, reach out through this site’s contact form, and I will eagerly come to an arrangement of your specifications, so long as it’s mutually beneficial.

The gallery below is a sample of some of my drawings, to get an idea of my drawing style. Please don’t use them without my permission. I can’t afford five seconds to consult with a copyright lawyer, much less possess the means to actively pursue litigation against those miserable souls who would seek to commit copyright infringement at my expense- but that’s where Judge Judy comes in. I do not use words referencing such a sternly mannered pillar of blind unwavering justice, unfettered by the distractions that many of her premenopausal or even her testosterone-bloated counterparts are often folly to. Okay I seriously just burned like 300 calories writing that last sentence, so I’m spent. Feel free to donate, I would surely appreciate it, thank you!


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