Play Store Android App Reviews

Yes, I’m still blogging… What, you act like you’ve never procrastinated before! My fellow procrastinators feel me, right? You know how you can procrastinate about those bothersome tasks like school assignments, feeding the dog, picking up the children from school, taking birth control, showing up for court, taking your insulin, blah blah blah…

Now imagine there being something that has absolutely no impact on your life whatsoever. That’s where I’m at with that. Is anyone really chomping at the bit, at the edge of their seat, waiting for my pearls of wisdom to rear their ugly heads on the interwebz? No, seriously, is anyone? Because I could really use the ego boost about now.

Blogging procrastination aside, what I’m really rambling about is my latest whim, which would be adding a section listing Google Play Store apps I have reviewed. I have found that the reviews I typically post on the Play Store tend to be a bit lengthier than the average Joe Blow review written by someone who obviously never got hooked on phonics- and that’s okay! Phonics isn’t for everyone, and you don’t necessarily need to develop an addiction for them to enjoy their benefits. But I feel that being a responsible phonics user will allow me to provide the community with wholesome, delicious, app reviews, that are 100% impartial, so you aren’t left scratching your head when you see an app that has thousands of 5 star ratings- obviously planted by friends, family, and robots of the developer(s)- yet about a dozen or so 1 star reviews, written by passionately angry virgins, hell-bent on voicing there disgust with having to tap an X on their screen to shield their eyes from an unwanted advertisement.

I feel that somewhere between the former and latter, there is a reasonable opinion buried in the haystack of voices. I feel it is my duty to provide a haven that cuts straight through (or to) the bullshit, saving you precious time, so you don’t have to form your own opinion. That’s right, buddy, I’ll do the heavy lifting for this one, you can go ahead and sit this one out. You can count on me to provide honest, uncorrupted, reviews- unless of course I get corrupted. What are the odds of that though? I mean, look at my face- or just imagine it, whatever- would I lead you astray?

Check back soon for app reviews!