In October of 2017, due to circumstances beyond my sphere of control, I was forced to leave the company which at one point I was told I had a very bright and promising career with. As life does for everyone: call it God, call it fate, the Devil, call it a kick to the groin – things took a nose dive just as my situation in life was not only comfortable, but prosperous also. My wife and I (well pretty much me, since I worked for it) had just purchased our first house. I was floating on cloud nine, whatever the fu%* that means and I was officially a part of the American Dream. I guess nowadays that means having a bunch of things, trinkets… toys I guess, that consume your time between work shifts and distract you from questioning the motives and actions of those who are in charge of the Land of the Free. After all, I mean, who doesn’t love THINGS, right? Things are awesome! Things are happiness, and are an important component of the ‘Murcan Dream. Without things, we’d just be a bunch of bacteria-infested monkeys running around fucking each other and shitting all over everything.

Okay, so what I’m getting at here is things aren’t going so great for me. Things are going to turn around for me, I’m sure of it; though which each passing day, that confidence is waning at an exponential rate. I’ve never been in this position before, and I know these are totally first-world, white people problems, but they are problems that are going to put me and my family out on our collective asses, should they go unresolved.

To hell with pride, I am going to hold up my cyber sign that says “Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran, can use spare change, anything will help, God Bless” I spent money from my disability check I get from the VA – that would’ve been put towards the never-ending flow of bills sent my way from the corporate slave masters-on upgrading this site to accept donations, so I’m hoping for some kind of return on investment here.

Either that, or there’s a nine-banded slip knot that’s been screaming my name out everynight, ya’meen? So kick back and soak up a complete stranger’s misery, check out the other content- but if you’re going to chuckle at my misfortune, be a doll leave a few bucks in the tip jar.

Oh yeah, and “God bless” and all that stuff! If you can reach down deeply into those pockets to help a soul less fortunate than yourself, my gratitude is forever yours.