Breakaway is a work-in-progress with some personally written blog posts, and a variety of hobbies which are relevant to the site’s main author, including: American culture, business culture, IT, mental illness, social issues, drug culture, bonsai trees and home gardening, tech reviews, user guides, writing, photography, art, and music. Seems very unfocused, yes? Guess what, I know I suck at this, and I welcome even the most verbally abusive critiques, so long as I can translate it into a method to improve this site.

You see this long string of bullshit that’s been crossed out below? I kept it to remind myself of the dark days I’m putting behind me. I am not sure if I’ll ever work in a traditional corporate IT support/operations role again, or if I’ll even want to for that matter, but my wife and I are both struggling to bring money in. I’m doing the whole rideshare thing along with freelance work when available. I am so proud of my wife who managed to fucking break into the workforce after a goddamn, what- decade long hiatus? I’m passing the pants on to her now, along with a gaudy, yet fashionably contemporary necklace attached to a 14k gold pendant housing what used to be my testicles. Congratulations, honey, they’ve served me well in the past, but I now pass them on as a symbol of servitude. Their testosterone producing days are over, but hopefully they bring you the strength to survive the circus we call corporate America.

One consistent theme is that I seem to be at the end of my rope, financially. I am absolutely desperate for money to keep this house I have worked so many years to keep. Lately the only source of income is my VA disability check. This money has proven to be insufficient to stretch across an already gutted budget. So if you’re feeling charitable, donate here. I will start by giving you an idea of what your money went towards, and give a shout out- or you can remain anonymous. Taxably writeably offable? Oh you know it!

Oh, we’re still financially fucked, though, no doubt about it. So if you’re feeling charitable, donate here.

Otherwise, take a look around, click on things, read, comment, like, subscribe- did I leave anything out?