Confession v1.0

So now that I’ve whipped up a mysterious pseudonym that many people with even a cursory knowledge of how to operate a computer and the internet would be able to see right through, I feel comfortable enough to not show up in most major search engines. If I’m able to avoid being Googled by prospective clients and/or employers, my inhibitions are about to drop faster than the consciousness of Cosby’s date after getting one cocktail deep. That’s right, it’s about to get weird.

Thanks for sticking around after that first paragraph, I was afraid I’d lose some of you there. Since you’ve been gracious enough to stick around while I try string together some type of cohesive dialogue by clumsily spewing these words into the eternity of the web, I thought I’d share some personal information about myself, as well as my opinion on the matter, as it relates to society.

I’m an addict. Not just like hey I’m addicted to caffeine, or nail-biting, or sniffing my fingers after shaking someone’s hand- like, I’m addicted to substances which in certain official circles, they are legally frowned upon. What’s the worst thing you can think of? Yep. Ah-ah-ah… shhhh, yep. Just stop- yes. Get my drift? I’m not proud of it, if you were to confront me on it, I would flat out deny this conversation ever took place. Have I ever stolen or taken advantage of others to fuel my habit? I’d probably be bullshitting you if I said I never have, but I try to live by the golden rule, so I can say that I don’t live this lifestyle without a moral code guided by a compass that is pointing true 99% of the time. Has my health suffered because of my personal choices? Yes. Have I run into problems because of the poor choices I’ve made? You bet your sweet ass I have. I’ve got 99 problems, and a bitch is probably in there somewhere. I mean, 99 is a lot of problems to keep track of, if I were to say a bitch doesn’t make an appearance in there at least once, I’d be lying to myself and all of my fan out there.

My point is this- which I think the public at large is starting to become aware of- as it becomes a glaring problem for the United States: the drug policy and this antiquated war on drugs has been a complete failure, and caused more  problems than it was intended to fix in the first place. So check this out from the Bureau of Justice Statistics:

BJP Recidivism Link

Although this link is pretty dated- 2005 to be precise- it isn’t so old that one couldn’t reasonably surmise that these statistics could be similar today. Sorry, but that was the most recent report I could find on the BJS site with regards to drug use and recidivism. The gist of it is that eventually, somewhere in the neighborhood of 79% of drug offenders will get busted again. To use the BJS’s own words in a 2014 press release:


With statistics like that, one might call into question the intent of our war on drugs. Surely it couldn’t be to deter drug use? If so, it’s obviously not deterring anyone. What about to rehabilitate? Anyone who’s been through the system would find that question laughably asinine. So is the answer neither then? Are we punishing people for having a drug problem? Well that certainly seems to benefit private prisons, much to the detriment of society. Lock those junkies up, they don’t need to be running around doing junkie things! Well said, but consider the cost expended each year at taxpayers’ expense on housing these junkies. Shit, I am one, and I don’t want to pay for it. Couldn’t that money be spent more wisely on a realistic rehabilitation program?

I know, I’m not really saying anything new here, this has all been said before. I guess I’m saying what do we do about it?

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