Lucky You

So here you are, this is the end of road when it comes to relevant content that could possibly be of any use to you. I know that because this is my very first blog post, and I have yet to push this site into any one unifying direction. I still have not figured out what “my thing” is going to be. If anyone else has figured out how to live out the modern cliché of living life to the fullest, pass the knowledge, por favor, because I am in the dire midst of crisis that is about to consume me, and take my family down against their wills.

The enterprise organization which I had foolishly envisioned myself completing most of my years as a Telecom Analyst- a position which I struggled, but continuously improved- rewarded my hard work, loyalty, and dedication with reprimand, and what would eventually be termination, paperwork. Foolish endeavor number two was born of pride; I resigned with short notice before those assholes could so much as call me in for the “talk”- you know, the “it’s not you, it’s us” talk. I was not gonna give anyone the satisfaction of firing me. David Emerson doesn’t get fired, David Emerson fires himself!

Some of you (if anyone’s actually reading this) may be thinking, Dave, quitting is a good thing, right? That will look better on your resume. Wrong. People know, okay? Nobody quits their job without having another lined up unless they were getting canned anyway.

So, my first post on Breakaway is going to reveal my theme- keep a veteran from going homeless. That’s right I’m pulling that card. I don’t have any choice at this point; I am not talented  or gifted enough to become a model or make porn, and I am definitely no Walter White. Sure I could go pan handle like any other self-respecting bum, but what fun would that be if I just had the money handed to me? It is so much more exciting to remove any hint of humility I could pretend to have, and metaphorically grovel to the masses.

I have a wife, a kid, a mortgage, and a number of expensive vices the details of which I won’t bore you with. If not for me, a random blogger you just met, do it for my daughter! She’s so brave, I just don’t have the strength or courage to tell her we’re going to be homeless soon. She’s ten years old, has yet to even hold hands with a boy- are you going to stand by and watch her dreams get crushed as well?

I am now taking donations to keep this family sheltered, and keep this vaguely-themed blog going strong to fulfill another post, and another…. and another! etc. etc.


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